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Research & Development

Research Career Pathway

Nurses and midwives can make a difference to the quality of patient and client care by integrating research and development activity into their professional roles.

We want to build the capacity for nursing and midwifery research and development at all levels and in every setting across the health and social care system in Northern Ireland. This will ensure that nurses and midwives will be supported to be involved in and where possible lead, high quality research and innovation, demonstrating improvements in staff development and, ultimately, patient and client outcomes.

Whether you are a nurse or midwife thinking about progressing further along the research and development career path, or wishing to incorporate research into your existing career, visit the career profiles and real life stories sections and view the useful links below.


More Information

For more information about specific jobs and roles, grades/pay bands, as well as qualifications, experience and skills required visit the Career Profiles and Real Life Stories sections.

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