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Welcome to the Career Planning section which is designed to help you think about your career development either in your current job or for future jobs.

This section will help you:

  • Identify the elements of your job that you do best.
  • Learn more about yourself and the types of jobs suited to your personality.
  • Explore career directions of interest to you.
  • Learn about completing application forms and preparing for interview.

Click on the sections below to find out more about Career Planning.

To find out more from local nurses and midwives go to Career Profiles and Real Life Stories


Find Out More

Find Out More about the Career Planning section. Learn more about the Career Planning Guide, Career Profiles and the Application and Interview Resource.

Thinking About Your Career

Career development and planning is a lifelong process that is influenced by many things explained in this area.

Self Assessment Tools

Self Assessment Tools are created to help you learn more about your self, and how your personality may influence your career development and planning.

Career Profiles

This section is designed to help you think about your career choices. You can search for profiles in a number of ways in this area.

Applications & Interviews

The Application and Interview Resource designed to help you get the job you want. In this section you will find all the advice you need.

Apart from a short while as a district staff nurse, and intensive care nursing, the remainder of my career has been in cancer nursing, as a ward sister, nurse manager, lead cancer nurse and eventually cancer nurse director with the Northern Ireland Cancer Network. After a long nursing career in cancer services, I left the health service in 2013 to work in the independent sector, in a post that was about supporting those involved in cancer service development across the UK. My current job title is Macmillan Special Adviser for System Redesign.

Liz Henderson, OBE, MSc, FRCN, RN
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