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Community Midwife

Clinical Practice
Career Pathway

Career Directions

  • Clinical Practice
  • Research & Development
  • Management
  • Policy/Strategy Development

Area of Practice

  • Adult Nursing
  • Midwifery


  • Hospital Care
  • Community/Primary Care

Job/Role Summary

  • Holistic care of mother, baby and family.
  • Ante-natal care.
  • Intra-natal care.
  • Post-natal care in hospital and community up to 28 days or as much to meet the needs of mother and babies.


Specific qualifications and experience required

  • Registered Midwife with minimum of 2 years post registration experience in all areas of midwifery practice.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.


Career Milestones

I worked as part of a worldwide research study caring for women at risk of developing Diabetes and the impact on the baby - HAPO study. Progressed to DAPIT Research caring for Type 1 IDDM women. It was challenging and rewarding and enhanced my skills and knowledge to provide holistic care to women and their families.


What attracted you to this job?

  • Closer to my home
  • Experience required in community setting
  • Keen to learn re: Domino and home deliveries
  • Wanted to care for women in their own home/environment 9pm hours


Enjoyable aspects of the job/role

  • Continuity of care for women both ante-natal and post-natal
  • Availability of domino and home births


Important success factors

  • Supportive Team Leader and midwifery staff
  • Availability of attending study days to enhance practice
  • Good effective communication and liaison with MDT


Advice for those considering the type of job/role?

  • Have a least 3-5 years midwifery experience in all areas of midwifery care.
  • Feel confident in suturing, venepuncture, delivering babies, breast feeding, parent craft classes and health education and promotion.
  • Ability to work as part of a team and have the confidence to lead a team.


Key skills that can be gained within this job/role?

  • Boosted my confidence
  • Enhanced skills and knowledge in all area of midwifery practice i.e., ante natal, intra natal and post natal care.
  • Work with the family unit and liaise effectively with the MDT in relation to domestic violence and child protection issues.
  • Important learning tool to have accurate record keeping and reporting any issues that levitates from the norm.


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