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Ward Manager - Theatre Recovery

Leadership & Management
Career Pathway

Career Directions

  • Management

Area of Practice

  • Adult Nursing
  • Children's Nursing


  • Hospital Care

Job/Role Summary

  • Assessing, developing, implementing and evaluating programmes of care.
  • Provision of high quality, cost effective service.
  • Communicating with hospital personnel to ensure continuity of patient care.
  • Set standards and regular audits.
  • Maintain dependency figures and workload measurement.
  • Training and education.
  • Role model.
  • Selection and recruitment of staff.
  • Annual appraisal of staff.
  • Review sickness/absence levels.
  • Act within code of professional conduct. Ensure practice is evidence based where possible & create a learning environment conducive to research.


Specific qualifications and experience required

Five years as E Grade/Band 5 within the Recovery Department. A Degree/diploma relevant to area e.g. ICU, Coronary Care, HDU or be willing to work towards one.


Career Milestones

I have worked in Musgrave Park Hospital since 1988, with the exception of 2002, when I worked in Tyrone County Hospital in Omagh for 6 months in ICU. I have worked mostly in recovery ward and have gained the clinical competencies relevant to one area e.g. cannulation, venepuncture, IV drug administration. In 1998 I was King's Fund Coordinator for 1 year and completed in-house management training programmes.


What attracted you to this job?

  • The challenge!
  • My experience.
  • Time to further develop myself, now that my family are raised.
  • Working in an area I enjoy, including the rapport between medical/nursing colleagues.


Enjoyable aspects of the job/role

  • Again the challenge/buzz!
  • Seeing a happy team & being facilitate.
  • The respect the team afford me as a ward manager.


Important success factors

  • Good/effective mentorship throughout my journey.
  • Adequate/appropriate training for the area in which I work.
  • The team around me.


Advice for those considering the type of job/role?

  • Be prepared! The responsibilities are huge as is the challenge.
  • Prepare for interview.
  • Consider work life balance & are home conditions conducive?
  • This job can be stressful and be prepared to delegate work to deputy/team when you can, you can't do it alone.


Key skills that can be gained within this job/role?

  • Communication skills & listening also.
  • Organisation/delegation skills.
  • I have also learned how to say 'no'. Time management is essential in order to get tasks done. You cannot manage change etc above good team work & essential skill!


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