The Practice & Education Council for Nursing & Midwifery strives to ensure that this website is accessible to everyone. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this site, or if you come across a page or resource that does not meet your access needs, please contact the IT & Information Officer as we are continually striving to improve the experience for all of our visitors.


Page titles are different on each unique page, and give a good indication about its content. Headings are relevant and provided in a logical order so that you can use them to get an overview of the page. For screen reader users, this means that you may be able to use screen reader functions to jump from heading to heading, or have a list of all headings displayed, so that you can decide which one is of most interest to you, and then go straight to it.

Text sizes

All text is Arial size 12, if you need the text to be larger, most recent web browsers have a "text size" or "zoom" setting within the View selection.


A text alternative will be provided for all images, relevant to the image. They will be as short and to the point as possible. The information you get from the alternative text will depend on the reason for the image:

  • Images used as links will have alternatives that tell you about the destination page.
  • Informative images will have alternative text that contains the information that the image contributes to the page.
  • Images of text will use the visible text as their alternatives.

By using these rules the website will be giving screen reader users a page reading experience that is as close as possible to that enjoyed by sighted visitors. It also makes sure that no information is lost if the image isn't large enough to see clearly.


Colours will be chosen to provide good contrast between text and its background, and avoid combinations that are known to cause difficulties for people with colour blindness. A change of colour won't be used as the only way to identify any information.

Access Keys

If you wish to jump to a specific section by keyboard rather than mouse, you can use the inbuilt access keys shown below. Mac users press Control and the access key, Firefox users press SHIFT + ALT and the access key, Windows users press ALT and the access key, Internet Explorer users may need to press the "enter" key to activate a link.

  • Access Key 1 - Homepage
  • Access Key 2 - Nursing
  • Access Key 3 - Adult
  • Access Key 4 - Children's
  • Access Key 5 - Learning Disability
  • Access Key 6 - Mental Health
  • Access Key 7 - Midwifery
  • Access Key 8 - Direct Entry (3 Years)
  • Access Key 9 - 18 Months
  • Access Key h - How to Apply
  • Access Key w - Interested in work experience?
  • Access Key l - Links
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