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Students applying for a pre-registration nursing or direct entry midwifery course in Northern Ireland may be eligible for an HSC bursary. The bursary is intended to assist with daily living costs incurred while you are training and is awarded for each year of the three year course; it will normally be paid in monthly instalments.

To be eligible for an Health and Social Care (HSC) bursary, applicants must be UK or EC/EEA nationals. If you are being seconded to the course by an employer or will receive funding from another source, you will not be eligible for a bursary. If you are unsure whether you meet the eligibility criteria you should contact the Bursary Administration Unit, details below.

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Application for a Bursary

In order to receive a bursary you will be required to complete a Bursary Application form. Application forms are dispatched after the University have confirmed your place on the course, usually during the first week of September. The University will notify the Bursary Administration Unit of your contact details and an application pack will be sent for you to complete and return.

Other Allowances

Dependency allowances – you may be eligible to claim this allowance for a partner, other adult or children who are financially dependent on you; this allowance is means-tested and you will be required to provide documentary evidence to support your claim.

In addition, if you are eligibe for these you may be entitled to a Parents Learning Allowance and/or Childcare Allowance.

Disabled Students’ Allowance may be payable if you have a disability and need extra help to complete your course. The allowance can help with specialist equipment, a non-medical helper or other course-related costs.

Clinical Placement Expenses – as part of your course, student nurses and midwives will complete Clinical placements at healthcare organisations throughout NI. When the cost of travelling to these placements is greater than normal daily costs to and from the University, students may claim for any additional costs incurred.

Contact Information

For further information or any queries on the HSC nursing and midwifery bursary contact:

Student Bursary Manager
Bursary Administration Unit
Business Services Organisation
2 Franklin Street

Tel: 02895363988 or 02895363818 or 02895363817
e-mail: studentnurse.busaries@hscni.net

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