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Kyle Gourley

Kyle is a successful midwife working at the Ulster Hospital in Dondonald. He had previously worked in I.T. and decided he wanted to make the change to Midwifery.

Kyle became a midwife through the Direct Entry (3 Years) course in Midwifery Sciences at Queen's University Belfast. He started the course in September 2004.

His story tells us about why he changed his direction in life and decided to study for a career in midwifery.

Kyle Gourley

Kyle's Story

I came across midwifery by accident. I was looking for a career rather than just a job and I had a mental tick list of what I wanted from it. Things like; it had to be rewarding, I had to find it stimulating, I wanted something that would continue to change and challenge me, I wanted something that involved social interaction (I had worked in IT so sat in front of a computer most days), and I wanted something that really made a difference. No-one was more surprised than I was that midwifery ticked all the boxes. As far as I knew, men didn't do that.

I think in general midwives are very bad at promoting themselves, so until I actually went online and started reading up I didn't realise the extent of the midwives role or the fact that it was an acceptable career for men.

When I applied I was worried that the other students in the class might not accept me (as a male) and that the same mght be true of the qualified midwives and the women themselves. In reality I have found the opposite. My class mates were fantastic and made sure I was included in everything, The same has been true of my colleagues.

What has amazed me most is that I have never had a mother say that she would prefer to be cared for by a woman rather than me. Personality plays a big part in it, and I think when women see that you're chatty, friendly and that you're doing your best for them then they don't mind male or female.

The one thing that has surprised me is that I find that the partners will ask me questions that they wouldn't ask a woman, probably from fear of embarassment.

I've been fortunate to have had plenty of compliments in my short career, and I keep the cards that people leave for me. I'd prefer not to share those as they're quite personal to me. What I will say is that a common theme is that the mums appreciate when you take the time to listen to them and encourage them through their more difficult moments.

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