What is Midwifery?

Midwifery is a career for those who are interested in supporting women and their families through one of life’s special experiences. As a midwife you are in a unique position to work in partnership with women to advise, guide and support them through their personal choices.

What does a Midwife do? (NMC Info Sheet)

Why Choose Midwifery?

Midwives are trained and eventually become experts in normal birth. They are able to confirm if a woman is pregnant and will continue to care for her during the nine months of pregnancy, labour, at delivery of her baby and in the postnatal period.

Picture of Midwife

What skills and qualities would I need?

There are many qualities required to be a good midwife. Midwives must have a caring and compassionate nature that is mindful of the women’s wishes. Midwives must be:

  • Excellent Communicators - to converse and support women from all types of cultures
  • Good Problem Solvers - to quickly find the right solutions and be able to apply their skills to any situation
  • Emotionally Aware – to the needs of the women to offer support and advice
  • Respectful and Honest - at all times to show respect, dignity, honesty and openness

Which Way should I go?

There are two types of programmes offered here in N. Ireland, they are Direct entry and 18 month shortened programme:

What do Midwives earn?

Different examples of Midwives salaries range from:

Staff Midwife
£21,000 - £34,000

Midwife Team Manager
£29,000 - £40,000

Consultant Midwife
£37,000 - £66,000

With the growing opportunities and different positions within Midwifery your salary should increase with time and experience.

Becoming a Midwife in the UK
(NMC Info Sheet)

Other Benefits?

All Midwives get 25 days of holidays a year plus public holidays. After 10 years experience this increases to 33 days.

Extra pay for out-of-hours and overtime, flexible hours and an attractive pension scheme are amongst the other benefits.

Interested in a career in Midwifery? Download the latest leaflet that contains information on what courses you can choose and help you make the right choice.

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