Adult Nurse

What is Adult Nursing?

Adult nurses work with adults of all ages with a wide variety of health conditions, to help improve the quality of their life. Being an adult nurse means lots of exciting challenges and being able to keep a cool head and use your initiative.

Adult Nurse NMC Information Sheet

Who do Adult Nurses Work With?

Adult nurses can work as a member of team with other professionals such as doctors or healthcare assistants. They will work in a hospital setting or a community setting, for example a care home or patient's home; which is becoming more common.

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What skills and qualities would I need?

The adult nurses’ health care environment is busy, fast changing and demanding and so you need:

  • Communication Skills - excellent interpersonal skills and communication abilities are needed when dealing with a variety of people from different backgrounds.
  • Good Initiative - At times an adult nurse will have to deal with unexpected situations and will need to be able to act on their own make quick decisions.
  • Organisational Skills - An adult nurse could be working with several patients at once so it is useful to have good skills when it comes to organisation.
  • Emotionally Strong - To be good at problem-solving and strong when dealing with patients is helpful.
  • Commitment - An adult nurse has to be fully committed to continued learning throughout your career.

What Courses can I choose from?

There are several ways to becoming an adult nurse. They are:

Queen's University

Course name - BSc Honours/Diploma in Nursing
For more information visit the
Queen's University Website

University of Ulster (Coleraine and Magee)

Course Name - BSc Hons Nursing (Adult)
For more information visit the
University of Ulster Website

Alternative Entry - Open University

If you are employed as a work assistant or support worker then your employer can sponsor a group of nursing assistants to undertake a part-time diploma in higher education at the Open University in Belfast.
For more information visit the
Open University Website

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