Learing Disability Nurse

What is Learning Disability Nursing?

Learning disability nurses give people with a learning disability the help, care and skills they need to lead a healthier and more independent life, working closely with their family and carers.

Learning Disability NMC Information Sheet

Who do Learning Disability Nurses Work With?

Learning disability nurses work as a member of team with other professionals in settings such as specialist residential and community centres, schools or adult education as well as hospitals and the community.

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What skills and qualities would I need?

The Learning disability nurses’ health care environment is both rewarding and challenging. At times a patient’s progress may be slow but there is great joy and satisfaction for everyone when the individual learns something new which develops their self-confidence. A learning disability nurse needs:

  • Communication Skills - excellent interpersonal skills and communication abilities are needed when dealing with a variety of people from different backgrounds.
  • Emotionally Strong - To be good at problem-solving and strong when dealing with patients is helpful.
  • Commitment - An adult has to be fully committed to continued learning throughout your career.
  • Other Skills - A learning disability nurse needs to be creative, adaptable and flexible and be prepared to act as an advocate to prevent discrimination.

What Courses can I choose from?

In Northern Ireland the only university where you can study learning disability nursing is Queen's University:

Queen's University

Course name - BSc Honours/Diploma in Nursing
For more information visit the
Queen's University Website

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