What is Nursing?

Nursing offers you a career that is varied, interesting and rewarding; each day providing you with different challenges and opportunities. If you are interested in caring for people and have excellent communication and problem solving skills then nursing is for you.

What does a Nurse do? (NMC Info Sheet)

Why Choose Nursing?

A career in nursing will offer you a wealth of opportunities to develop your skills, knowledge and expertise while at the same time allowing you to help people improve their lives in their times of need.

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Who do Nurses work with?

Nurses generally work in teams with assistants, doctors, therapists, social workers and other health care professionals.

Where do Nurses work?

Nurses can be found in every sort of health care setting, from caring for patients in their own home or a nursing home to working in a hospital intensive care unit. Nurses can also choose to work in education or research.

Which Way should I go?

Nurses are highly trained and skilled professionals who provide physical, psychological and emotional support for those in their care, together with their families and carers. You can choose one of the following four fields of practice:

What do Nurses earn?

Different examples of Nurse's salaries range from:

Staff Nurse
£21,000 - £27,000

Nurse Team Leader
£24,000 - £34,000

Ward Sister/Charge Nurse
£30,460 - £40,157

Nurse Consultant
£37,000 - £66,000

With the growing opportunities and different positions within Nursing your salary should increase with time and experience.

Other Benefits?

All Nurses get 27 days of holidays a year plus public holidays. After 10 years experience this increases to 33 days.

Extra pay for out-of-hours and overtime, flexible hours and an attractive pension scheme are amongst the other benefits.

Interested in a career in Nursing? Download the latest leaflet that contains information on what courses you can choose and help you make the right choice.

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