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Noeleen McGlinchey

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  • Noeleen McGlinchey
  • Nursing Assistant, Palliative Care, Omagh Hospital, Primary Care Complex, Western HSC Trust

What attracted you to become a Nursing Assistant?

I always wanted to be involved in a nursing role. I began my career as a ‘young help’ in a nursing home in 1991. I worked there for 11 years.  I secured a nursing assistant post in Omagh Hospital in the Palliative Care Ward where I continue to work today.  I always had a passion to work with people of all ages.  I am a caring person, hardworking and have good social skills.  I feel it is a very rewarding job where I can develop good relationships with patients and their families.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I find my role as a Nursing Assistant rewarding and a privilege to do. I also get great job satisfaction from it.  I have gained confidence and competence and am an advocate for the patient and relatives.  I’m a good listener, empathic and sympathetic when needed.  I honestly love what I do and if I can make a small difference to someone’s life then it’s what I most enjoy about my role as a Nursing Assistant.

Tell us about your most memorable moment in your role.

I have many memorable moments in my role as a Nursing Assistant. One that stands out for me is Christmas 2017.  We had a young male patient who was approaching ‘end of life’.  I decided to make this a special time for him and his family.  I organised a vacant room within the ward with a Christmas tree and decorations.  I set up a table for him and his family to have dinner on Christmas day.  It was such a special moment seeing them all together one last Christmas enjoy the occasion and making lasting memories for the family.

How do you see your career developing as a Nursing Assistant?

I have developed personally and professionally and attend seminars, training days and relevant internal mandatory training. I also learn from my peers and colleagues.  I update my knowledge by accessing resources on the internet and participate in ward handovers.  I can work well on my own initiative.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career as a Nursing Assistant?

As a Nursing Assistant I find the role rewarding, a privilege to do and it gives me great job satisfaction. In my current role I can give patients social and emotional support and provide vital information on patient’s conditions to the nursing staff.   I am flexible, transparent, open and honest.  Working as a Nursing Assistant can also lead to valuable opportunities to consider a future career in nursing as it give you an insight into the nursing role.


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