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Peggy McErlean

Peggy McErlean
  • Peggy McErlean
  • Staff midwife, Maternity Department, Craigavon Area Hospital

What initially attracted you into the nursing or midwifery profession?

I first became interested in Nursing and Midwifery following various careers talks I had during my time in Secondary school. It seemed like a very engaging and fulfilling career and I have never doubted my choice since.

What area of practice did you train and work in before you left the profession?

The area of practice that I first trained and worked in was Midwifery.

What was your reason for leaving the profession?

I worked as a Midwife in London before deciding to leave London and come home to have my family.

Why did you decide to return to nursing or midwifery?

I had always planned on returning to midwifery once my children had progressed from primary to secondary school.

How easy was it to find information on how to return to practice as a nurse or midwife?

It was very easy to find information on returning to practice, as I had always maintained contact with my previous colleagues and the internet of course helped me find information.

What was your experience of the return to practice programme?

I thoroughly enjoyed the return to practice programme. The theory part of the programme was held in Knockbracken Health Care Park, with the practical counterparts was completed in Craigavon Area Hospital. The course in its entirety was 20 weeks long, and I didn’t have to fund it myself.

Do you feel the programme prepared you to return to practice?

I felt the programme was very appropriate and helped me get back into a professional mind-set, having spent so long out of practice.

What support did you receive while undertaking the programme?

I had good support from the management in Craigavon Hospital Midwifery unit. I also had various tutors who were very helpful throughout the course.

What other support would have been beneficial?

The support I had I found to be adequate.

Did you find it easy to secure a job after completing the programme?

Yes, I was employed straight away.

Briefly outline your current job title/role and your practice area/setting.

I am a staff midwife, in the Maternity Department of Craigavon Area Hospital. I currently work in the delivery suite.

What specific qualifications and experience are required for your current job/role?

You are required to be on the live register if NMC, as a practicing midwife.

What would you say to someone thinking of returning to practice as a nurse or midwife?

I would definitely say it is a very worthwhile programme. I was apprehensive as first, but I have never looked back since. I would definitely encourage those who are considering the programme to go ahead and do it, as it will definitely be worth it.

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